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Meet Lavi

I help clients in entertainment, fashion, and fitness, to enhance and build up their personal brands so it can help them reach their true potential.I'm an expert in personal branding and understanding how it affects your true potential. Having networked with high profile figures in entertainment and fashion, I've learned what it takes stand out and be unique in those worlds and. He recently started a blog about personal branding.

He works to help people enhance and build up their personal branding through mentoring, also doing website and graphic design.

The Power of an Image

Developing a strong personal brand starts with who you are, who you want to be, and how you want others to perceive you.

Creating a personal brand is really the start of anything you do, and your story helps to shape that brand, which should tell an amazing, and compelling narrative.

The best way to evaluate your image and brand is to consider how others perceive you. If other people responses are not what you want, that means your not giving off the image of yourself.

A powerful brand is not what people see, but what people think of you.

Lavi offers consulting sessions to helps with brainstorming how you can enhance your brand, personal or professional.

Other services include Consulting, Branding, Graphic Design, and Website Design.