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Dec. 6, 2018

The creation of my personal brand started out with me understanding that a good first impression is incredibly important. Understanding what makes a good first impression so I could create meaningful connections is what has allowed me to network so well. Your first impression is really important because people judge you, and I’m sure everyone would rather end up being judged in a positive way.

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression”

The rise in social media allows you to show off who you are without even meeting someone, and giving off the wrong impression ends up leaving your audience thinking about you in a way you don’t want them to. People give you less time to make a first impression on social media than if you meet in person, and if you put content online that doesn’t leave the perception of you that you want show off, then you’ll build an audience that perceives you incorrectly.

An obvious example, but one I see people slip on all the time, would be if you’re on social media to drive the work you do and you post content that doesn’t help your audience view you correctly. It’s not going to help you expand to lead your audience thinking about you in an undesirable way, and that effects your brand.

It’s easy to just post content online as you feel like it, but if it’s not leading viewers down the right path that YOU want, then posting that content does nothing. Part of creating that desired image is also knowing that not everything has to go up online and you never know which piece of content you put up could be someones first impression of you.

Lead someones eye in the right direction with that first impression and they’ll pick up on things that attract them. Lead someone to believe in your personal brand with by always making they you are bring out a positive perception of who you are. I didn’t create the connections I’ve made by giving off the wrong impression when I introduce myself to people, and neither should you. Creating a positive perception of yourself using that first impression as a jump start is key to building an amazing personal brand.

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