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How To Connect Well With Others

Apr. 7, 2020

I get asked about networking more than anything else because I built incredible contacts pretty fast, early on into my career, and continue to do so. Connection is at it’s core, so let’s start there!

Creating meaningful connections with others is something I’ve always been passionate about because of the opportunities presented to me early on. The majority of my connections aren’t even in Portland, Oregon where I live, and understanding how to connect well with others has helped me expand.

Right now we are all going through a strange time in our lives where we are at home, and using the internet to conduct business and connect with our friends and family. The idea of physically distancing ourselves is great, and so now more than ever, connection with others is important, including our audiences.

How do you connect well with others?

Human connection is when two people exchange energy, giving each other attention. The more you listen and learn about the other person, the more you can react and respond with compassion and empathy, two key ingredients of a meaningful connection. People love knowing they're being heard and given attention, so by retaining what you’ve learned about the other person you can then spark incredible thoughts and conversion, which helps leave an amazing impression.

The internet has several different ways we can connect from a distance and you can still create meaningful connections. You can still have wonderful conversations, asking and learning, and bringing forth your uniqueness deepen a relationship. AND the internet now allows you to connect with your audience, with better tools for promoting and marketing what you do and who you are.

How do you connect well with your audience?

It’s not very different from connecting with a single person, you still need to understand your audience and the value you give, bringing out your uniqueness. The big difference is that now you should be sharing your story as well because it helps people “buy into” what you do, and why they should give you attention. Understanding what catches your audiences eye is important because how their reaction to what you put out, positive or negative, allows you to know “the next move,” and connect deeper.

Everyone is getting online more, and so now’s the time to get creative with your connecting, and show your audience WHY they should be thinking of you. Create that meaningful connection!

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