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How Influence Affects You

Apr. 17, 2019

Influence is very powerful as it effects character, development, and/or behavior, and happiness is powerful in the way that it makes you feel, allowing you to really enjoy the moment. When you surround yourself with people whose influence bring on a lasting happiness and excitement it’s simply magical, because that’s where you find yourself.

Only you can know what you are good at, what you love, and want to do with your life, and with the internet and social media you can find influence everywhere. You can look at what someone else is doing and want to do something similar, or listen to something someone is saying and end up believing in it for yourself.

However, often times you don’t realize when someones influence completely takes you over to the point you are not doing what you truly want. Great example is when you have someone who suggests an idea and all you do is go along with it because it sounds good and makes you feel happy and excited at times. But when you really think about it your not yourself because you are doing what someone else has suggested would be good, and it will be hard to find the purpose that drives fulfillment.

We all grow up taking in what we see and hear around us and this helps shape who we are, our personal brand. That’s why for most people, parents are your biggest influences. But as we get older we get influenced by more and more, and it’s important to find love and purpose in what we do, not letting certain influences stand in the way of what truly fulfills us.

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