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My Vision And Why I Do What I Do

Oct. 15, 2019

I’ve been working in the music and entertainment industry for over tens years, and have been lucky to have connected with heavy hitters shortly after starting down this journey. I have been able to gain incredible experience and knowledge working in the industry helping people with branding, and connecting with those I met.

I started to realize about six years ago I wasn’t headed where in the direction I wanted to, and started to get frustrated and stressed over things that were beyond my control. There were two things I did that allowed me find my flow again; one being the reinvention of my own personal brand and discovery of my why. Both allowed me to see the importance of discovering my own vision.

I want to inspire as many people as I can to discover their own vision and develop strong personal brands so they can see a clear path to their true potential.

My vision is to see a world full of people having developed strong personal brands, living up to their true potential.

Six years ago I went through the most depressing phase of my life. Work had all but stopped and it was just miserable. Work did start coming in eventually but it took me longer than it should have to truly find my way again because I didn’t have an understanding of my why or my own vision. The understanding of my own vision for what I do allowed me to see clearly what direction I should be going in, what road I needed to go down next.

Through my own experience, I realized that a lot of people, regardless if they have a strong purpose or not, might have trouble bringing to life ideas and strategies that would help them to better connect with their vision. Aligning what you are doing with your vision is important because it allows you always find a flow that will keep you moving forward.

Your vision is what happens if everything were to end up going exactly as you wanted, and by helping someone develop their personal branding, their reputation, their vision should fall into place. Being a visionary I love being able to help someone discover that vision they have clearly, and through development and branding, help them bring to life ideas that will propel them forward towards it.

Connecting everything together is what really makes you stand out for your audience. By enhancing your personal branding, you’re essentially giving them the part of you they should be seeing, and hide away whatever is unnecessary that might not attract what you want.

That’s why I love helping people, and because I believe everyone has great potential I will always be there for someone I connect with no matter what.

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