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Going For The Right Attention

Apr. 10, 2019

People walk into stores everyday and buy products based on how they are presented to them. When you are looking to get a healthy protein drink they are very similar, but each has it’s own unique flavor choices and variations in how it’s packaged and pitched to you.

People also buy into what you do based how you present yourself, and the more you show off your uniqueness, the more you will generate that right audience that I wrote about previously. This is why sharing your own stories and experiences help sell what you do. Opportunities will open up when people really understand everything you are about.

A pianist can cover a popular song, make it sound similar, and get great attention, and that's great. However, if he or she turns that popular song into their own style with their own arrangement, it generates interactions that could eventually catch the eye of people that can help further their career. If I post a picture of myself in front of a crowd, and the caption shares the experience of that moment on stage, it will create the interactions I want it to as opposed to talking about being on vacation which makes more sense showing of the scenery around where I am.

This is the difference between getting attention and getting the RIGHT attention. When you step back and look at how you are presenting yourself, are you sharing the stories and experiences that help bring to life your uniqueness? Are you presenting yourself in a way that people can think of you the way you want to be thought of?

Though you might love any attention and interaction, it’s better to love the RIGHT attention and interactions with the RIGHT audience. You never know whose out there watching, and that someone watching just be one to eventually lead to something amazing for your career.

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