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Why It's Important To Stay "On Brand"

Sept. 26, 2019

There are plenty of times when motivating ourselves is wonderful and much needed, and there are also plenty of times we help others out and motivate them. When it comes to what you are presenting online though it is important to stay consistent with what you show and share. This allows your audience to get used to what they should be seeing and thinking of you.

A lot of people these days really love to post inspirational quotes and post stuff that motivates others, and that’s perfectly fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, when you are steadily building an audience that you want to think of you a certain way, it’s best to focus your attention on creating content that makes sense for why you want their attention.

If you are a recording artist then your audience expects to see content that relates to your music, the production of the music, performances, etc. If you are a fashion model, your audience expects to see high quality pictures of you posing, wearing certain things, etc.

That’s what they want to see, that’s why they interact with you and follow you. There’s even a good chance they are getting inspired and motivated by the content the presents you best. They don’t want to go to your page or website and see content that’s unrelated.

Your audience wants to see what they came for. Don’t lead them through a jungle, lead them through the open fields, where it’s clear.

If you’re leading your audience through a “jungle” there is a good chance some of your audience will be coming to you because of something you posted that really doesn’t relate to YOUR vision. That “right audience” I've talked about in previous blog posts won’t be there for you, and you will start to feel confused why attention isn’t being given in places you actually want it.

If you are consistent and stay true to your brand and you will see that your audience is seeking you out for the right reasons.

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