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Why Attention Is Powerful

Oct. 9, 2019

In my journey towards my vision and battles with depression I realized one thing that was more powerful than passion and purpose. That is attention.

Effective attention allows you to focus on relevant stimulation, eliminating distractions. It allows you to find focus in the moment, and develop consistency in what ever you're doing. It also allows you to focus how you are feeling, and on people that truly love and support and are always there for you.

Purpose and passion are probably the most important driving forces behind someone's success. And in a similar way what I love, personal branding, your reputation, is super important as well to help make memorable impressions and helps others know what to expect. However, with effective attention it allows you be consistent in your pursuit of passion and purpose, and then your vision.

So much of life is about what you give attention to. If two people are in love, they are giving attention to each other, and when people drive they pay attention to the road. Giving attention to yourself also allows you to focus on feelings as I mentioned, which then helps you better deal with depression. If you are looking to network with others that could help you expand, you're likely to give attention to the connections you make that will help you expand. And getting better at what you do takes attention so you're always learning or finding ways to get better, to be better.

The reason you are able to give attention to doing certain things or to certain people is because of the “love” you have. Obviously, if you don’t enjoy something or someone you likely won't that person or that something attention. But sometimes, as I've found having connected with so many amazing people, that's it's actually easy to neglect something we are passionate about if it includes learning a skill. For example, learning to write better if you have a blog revolving around your passion.

So when you give attention to what will drive your career, and life forward, finding the focus to be consistent comes easily. When you give attention to what you enjoy, and who you enjoy being with, you find a “love” that comes. And if you do it effectively whatever might be "in your way" just might find it's way happily into your life.

I'm sure parts of this might sound repetitive, but attention is the key. Attention is so powerful.

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