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Why Inspiration Is More Important Than Motivation

Apr. 22, 2020

Reflecting on making it through an incredibly depressing time in my life, and then continuing to better myself after, is what has allowed me to understand the importance of connection, creativity, and attention. Being able to connect with others to inspire and motivate me to push forward really kept me going.

The experience made me realize how so much connects to having a vision, and why inspiration is better than motivation. I already talked about How To Stay Inspired And Motivated, so now let me explain why inspiration is better. Why you should get inspired and not motivated.

When your unmotivated that means that there’s nothing pulling you forward. That’s what motivation is; you’re finding a desire to do something for a reason or reasons. That can be great because achievement is wonderful, and there is such reward and excitement in how it makes you feel.

Inspiration pushes you forward. It’s the feeling of excitement or enthusiasm that comes from a connection, whether it’s a person or thing. That then leads you to want to dig into bringing to life an amazing idea you have inside, that you want to accomplish. Inspiration works wonders because you aren’t waiting for a reason to jump on an idea you have.

Motivation has it’s place because it’s driven by outside incentive, which is needed sometimes. It helps when you’re feeling down for example because others around you try and help you feel better. But when you feel the inspiration come on, it brings about deep feeling for passions and has lasting affects that drive you toward your vision.

Those moment where your mind is turned on from something that inspired you feels so wonderful. That’s why I say go for inspiration instead motivation.

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