Creativity is one of the most important skills we can have. Everyone can tap into their creativity because ideas, original to you, can come from just about anywhere!

As a result of extreme depression in 2016 I decided to understand what helped me best through depression. While there were many elements that helped, I discovered inspiration and creativity were THE most important. (click for more of my story and why)


is easily described as mental stimulation; the feeling and desire to do something.

It “pushes” us forward in from an internal desire in a way that makes us feel good because it’s likely to come from purpose.


is the use of original ideas and/or imagination.

It allows you to think about things in better ways, deal with situations better, solve problems, and create.

Inspiration and creativity both come from what or who we give attention to the way we connect with those things or people. So I developed a thinking process I call The Attention Connection that helps with understanding this better, and is a simple way of thinking that’s VERY helpful in life.

Basics of The Attention Connection

THE ATTENTION CONNECTION is the idea that effective attention and connection leads to inspiration, which leads to creativity. OR, attention and connection lead to inspiration and creativity.

Basically, everything we give attention to and connect with has an effect on us in some way, even minimally like driving a car, because they impact our daily lives arguably more than anything else. If we are able to shift our thoughts then we can go from negative to positive.

Giving attention creates connection!

I’ve explained a bit about this in my blogs and I will go MUCH deeper in the book I’m writing, and yet I wanted to lay it out here as well. Also note; the way I talk about the meanings of ATTENTION and CONNECTION in my blog entries varies to match the topics better

Below are select blog entries that you can give ATTENTION to and by CONNECTING with them it will help inspire you along your journey to your vision, and help unleash your creativity.