When we use our imagination and/or original ideas.

It allows you to think about dealing with situations differently, to solve problems, and to create. It is arguably one of most important skills.


When a person, idea, or thing is linked to or associated with something else.

Human connection gives us a belonging because we are giving and getting attention from someone else, and exchanging energies. Some people also find great connection with faith.

Why Creativity Through Connection?

ATTENTION, CONNECTION, & CREATIVITY are arguably the three most important things we all have. Using these three together really helps your VISION come alive.

The idea with Creativity Through Connection is that by connecting with others, or with faith, it helps to inspire or motivate you. When you are inspired or motivated it helps to unleash your creativity, which, as I said above, is incredibly important.

You never know which CONNECTION might inspire you and unleash your CREATIVITY. And by giving ATTENTION to what helps and works, everything comes together, and you will start to climb your way to your VISION.

Why am I so into Creativity Through Connection?

Six years ago I had three of the worst months. Work was dead, and it began the worst up and down battle I didn't need. These are strange times that we’re in, and I empathize with the anxiety, and lack of inspiration some people may be feeling because of what I went through, even though different.

Connection helped get my creativity going, keeping me inspired and motivated. Discovering and going after my vision, made me realize just how much connection and creativity were key ingredients, along with attention.

That's also why I connect everything to discovering your vision. And why I want to inspire as many people as many people as I can to discover and/or go after their own vision so they can then rise to their true potential.

Here are a few select blog entries that will help inspire you along your journey to your vision, and unleash your creativity through connection: